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Geofísico de Petróleo Júnior

A Beicip-Franlab, empresa global lider em consultoria de petróleo e edição de softwares oferece oportunidade de trabalho para Geofísico de Petróleo Júnior no Rio de Janeiro.

Petroleum Geophysicist, Junior

Company description

Beicip-Franlab is one of the leading petroleum consulting firms and software editors in the world. Its internationally recognized permanent staff of more than 200 experts and technology are available through technical assistance and consulting projects. Beicip-Franlab integrates the full range of petroleum upstream and downstream consulting services within the same organization. The company is a member of the IFPen Group (Institut Français du Pétrole – Energies Nouvelles) and provides services for more than 40 years.

Job location

The job is based at Rio de Janeiro, RJ, but travels to other locations in Brazil are not uncommon.

Job summary

The professional will work on-site with the client providing support, training and assistance on Beicip's software and methods related to seismic reservoir characterization. The main responsibility will be to train and assist the client's geophysicists to perform elastic seismic inversions for compressional and shear impedances using Beicip's software. Other tasks include well log analysis, depth-time conversion, AVA studies, fluid substitution and facies classification.

The selected candidate will receive training at the Beicip's headquarters in Paris before starting working at Rio de Janeiro.

Required abilities

The candidate must have good social relationship skills and a talent for mastering software tools in general. He must be pro-active, very dynamic and have excellent pedagogic capacity. The candidate will receive training on elastic inversion software but he is expected to already have the basic knowledge of seismic processing and time-depth conversion. Any experience with quantitative reservoir characterization is a plus.


Applicants must send a CV to [email protected] - subject=Candidato: Geofisico.


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