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Recent Case Histories of 2D and 3D Reflection Seismic from Gold and Base Metal Projects. Este é o título da palestra gratuita que será ministrada pelo Prof. Dr Greg Turner, geofísico chefe da HiSeis, no dia 25 de julho, na sede da SBGf, no Rio de Janeiro.

Palestra gratuita sobre casos recentes da sísmica de reflexão em 2D e 3D.

Ministrante: Greg Turner

Data: 25/07 às 17h30.

Sua inscrição deverá ser confirmado pelo email [email protected]


The past 5 years has seen a significant increase in reflection seismic surveys being carried out in complex mineralised settings.

Factors driving this development are the increasing depth at which resources need to be found and mined; the drive for improved productivity at mine sites; pre-survey assessment of the effectiveness of the method at each site also known as derisking; more systematic documentation of rock velocity and density; and improved application of the technology.

A key attribute of the seismic method its ability to provide high resolution imaging at significant depths.

The 3D distribution of reflective interfaces together with the volume distribution of seismic textures available from 3D surveys, when integrated with rock property data and drill control generates a 3D model of the lithology and structure which is used to target drilling and assist mine planning. Typically these models encompass 20-30 cubic kilometres around an operating asset.

Case histories illustrate how the method performs in complex settings varying from high grade, multiply deformed metamorphic rocks, intrusion related deposits and epithermal volcanic settings including steeply dipping vein hosted gold mineralisation.


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