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Paradigm is the largest independent developer of software-enabled solutions to the global oil and gas industry. Paradigm easy-to-use technology and workflows provide customers with deeper insight into the subsurface by combining leading-edge science, high-performance desktop and cluster computing, and scalable data management, delivering highly accurate results and productivity without compromise.

The 14th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Paradigm will be a Platinum Sponsor of this event.  The Paradigm exhibit is in Booth #52.

Paradigm will be performing live demonstrations, and delivering presentations of technical papers and white papers at SBGf 2015.

Paradigm geoscientists from multiple disciplines will present integrated workflows around these themes:

  • ·         Depth interpretation
  • ·         Naturally fractured reservoirs
  • ·         New technologies

As part of the Paradigm theatre program, Paradigm geoscience experts will demonstrate:

  • ·         Advanced natural fracture detection through high-definition subsurface modeling
  • ·         Detecting facies trends and heterogeneity through integrating wells, seismic and conceptual geology
  • ·         Integrating geologic correlation, structural characterization and property mapping
  • ·         Increasing accuracy and productivity through integrated high-definition interpretation
  • ·         Tackling complex reservoirs
  • ·         The value-added workflows in the Paradigm 15 release
  • ·         Complex, geologically-constrained velocity determination and model building based on integration between Paradigm SKUA-GOCAD™ and Paradigm GeoDepth®
  • ·         Enriched velocity model updating, including time-preserving tomography and VSP tomography
  • ·         New Quantitative Seismic Interpretation packages specifically design for interpreters and reservoir geophysicists, including a comprehensive QSI system for azimuthal analysis of fracture properties
  • ·         A full workflow for Offset Vector Tile (OVT) gathers (prestack data)
  • ·         A Global Velocity Modeling application for efficient delivery of velocity models throughout the system
  • ·         Variable density for both isotropic and TTI models in Paradigm Echos® Reverse Time Migration
  • ·         A new assisted fault-horizon contact feature for interpreters, which facilitates a more “traditional” approach to fault polygon creation, but in 3D

Paradigm White Papers include:

  • ·         Combining Seismic Facies Analysis and Well Information to Guide New Interval Velocity Models for a Pre-Salt Study, Santos Basin, Brazil
  • ·         Geological Velocity Approach to Obtain a Detailed Velocity Model for the Evaporitic Section – Santos Basin, Brazil
  • ·         A Statistical Analysis of the Velocity in the Evaporite Layer of Santos Basin, Brazil
  • ·         Thickness-based Approach for Evaporites Seismic Velocities in Campos Basin, Brazil
  • ·         Estimating Amplitude Uncertainties through Illumination Studies for a Pre-Salt Reservoir
  • ·         Characterization of Depocenters from Seismic Stratigraphy Analysis In the North Portion of the Santos Basin, Brazil

Click this link for a complete schedule of presentations

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