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Ikon Science adere ao consórcio pela SEAM da SEG

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Ikon Science aderiu ao consórcio de empresas que atuam no Programa Avançado de Modelagem da SEG (SEAM) e vai atuar na terceira fase do empreendimento. 

SEAM é fruto de uma parceria entre a indústria e a Sociedade de Geofísicos de Exploração (SEG) projetada para avanços na tecnologia e na ciência geofísica através da construção de modelos de subsuperfície e a geração de conjuntos de dados sintéticos.

Press Release

Ikon Science has joined the consortium for the SEG Advanced Modeling Program (SEAM) and will work on the third phase of this initiative set to evaluate and advance the current methodologies for pre-drill pressures and hazard predictions.

SEAM is a partnership between industry and SEG designed to "advance geophysical science and technology through the construction of subsurface models and generation of synthetic data sets".

SEAM started in 2007

Phase I investigated subsalt imaging in tertiary basins, with emphasis on deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Phase II addressed core challenge themes in land seismic including high density and areal extensive acquisition geometries, near surface complexities, and fractured reservoir characterization.

These projects yielded data sets and models that are available to the public. More information is available on the SEG SEAM webpage.

"Phase III SEAM Pressure Prediction: Pressure Prediction and Hazard Avoidance through Improved Seismic Imaging will evaluate and advance current methodologies for pre-drill seismic pressure and hazard prediction.

The research consortium will provide a collaborative forum where industry experts prioritize current challenges in the use of seismic velocity models to construct pre-drill pore pressure forecasts for well planning. These challenges will be used to design a comprehensive earth model and to "acquire", through state-of-the-art computer simulation, benchmark data sets to be used by industry for quantifying risk and uncertainty associated with velocity models derived from current and future state-of-the-art in seismic acquisition, processing and imaging.

Though the focus will be Gulf of Mexico Deepwater, the resultant advances in pressure prediction technology and methodology will likely be relevant to Tertiary hydrocarbon delta systems worldwide. SEAM Pressure Prediction commenced in September 2014 and is expected to last 3 years."

"Ikon GeoPressure prides itself on being an industry specialist in the analysis of pressure data for exploration and development. We are well-known for best practice and a unique geology-based approach to subsurface pressure problems. We look forward to working with a team of expert peers to deliver some insightful advancements for our industry." Steve O'Connor, Global Technical Lead, GeoPressure.

Ikon Science is a global geoprediction technology company providing industry leadership in the prediction of reservoir properties, pressures and fluids. 

 Press Release Ikon Science / SEG Advanced Modeling Corporation (SEAM)

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