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De­-risk offshore subsalt prospects, better evaluate opportunities, and gain confidence in appraisal wells. CGG’s StagSeis™ shows staggering improvements in subsalt image quality, clarity and detail for better definition of faults and geohazards. Ultra-long offset, full-azimuth, broadband survey provides enhanced geological definition of subsurface, from overburden to previously obscured subsalt reservoirs.

 Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-long inline offset up to 20km
    • Improves subsalt velocity accuracy
    • Images steep dips
  • Effective full azimuth coverage up to 10km
    • Improves illumination of complex geology
    • Allows more accurate salt model building
    • Improves natural multiple attenuation
  • Linear tow
    • Consistent, regular azimuth, offset and fold distribution
    • Compatible with conventional WAZ processing techniques
      • Field data immediately available
      • Faster turnaround times
    • Scalable/ Repeatable suitable for development and 4D
  • Compatible with BroadSeisTM
    • Improves low frequencies for enhanced imaging below difficult geology (e.g. subsalt and sub-basalt)
    • Greater stability for seismic inversion
  • Compatible with DovetailTM fanned acquisition
  • Reduces need for infill caused by currents
  • Improves survey turnaround time

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