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The UK processing and multi-client operations of Dolphin Geophysical Ltd continue to operate as normal, despite the Norwegian entities of Dolphin Group ASA together with its subsidiary Dolphin Geophysical AS having filed for bankruptcy on Monday 14 December. The UK entity Dolphin Geophysical Ltd is not a part of the bankruptcy estate. The Singapore and US businesses are also continuing to operate.

The ongoing processing contracts in the UK are continuing and the banks are supporting a 'business as usual' approach, paying staff salaries and maintaining operations. Multi-client sales are also continuing as normal.

Gareth Williams, Chief Geophysicist, said, 'We will not only continue to fulfil our commitment under existing contracts but will also continue to bid on new projects as well. Our backlog currently stretches well into the second half of 2016 and we will continue to aggressively target suitable additional work'

For further information, contact: Dolphin Geophysical Ltd

Dolphin Geophysical Ltd -- London, UK, 16th December 2015

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