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paradigm geolog 74

Paradigm announced the release of Paradigm® Geolog® 7.4, which expands the functionality of Geolog into the engineering domain, while delivering additional technologies that help minimize drilling costs and ensure safety. Whether you’re a petrophysicist, a geologist or an engineer, Geolog 7.4 delivers proven Geolog technology and usability.

Geolog 7.4 offers new and improved functionality in every domain. Its new engineering suite includes tools that enable an independent assessment of well integrity, critical to ensuring safe operation; and well schematics and production logging functionalities, to aid in post-production formation evaluation.

A new, full-functioned geomechanics module offers a comprehensive series of calculations and interactive tools for assessing mechanical conditions around the wellbore, resulting in a better understanding of the reservoir. The Geolog pore pressure prediction functionality, which enables independent pre-drill validation of pore pressure within the familiar Geolog environment, is now available in a single integrated workflow, for improved efficiency. And new reservoir characterization plots allow petrophysicists and engineers to identify specific flow units within reservoirs and estimate their flow capacity.

In terms of connectivity, Geolog 7.4 offers expanded communication with Petrel (a mark of Schlumberger), through support for Petrel 2015, as well as full interoperability with the Halliburton (Petris) Recall™ data server. A wide variety of data import formats is supported, enabling users to bring the power of Geolog into workflows based in other products.

Paradigm product development is carried out with active feedback from our customers, with the main goal of delivering superior outcomes and enhancing the user experience . We encourage you to explore the many new features of Geolog 7.4, and we look forward to your continued suggestions for improving our product lines.

We also encourage you to access the Paradigm App Exchange, a new offering aimed at enabling you to share your developments with your peers, while benefiting from the innovations of other members of the Paradigm user community. Take a look at the variety of Geolog Loglan Apps already being shared by users, and feel free to download them and submit your own Apps, free of charge.

All Paradigm software and software updates may be downloaded from the Paradigm Customer Support Web page.

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