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Ikon Science, the global Geoprediction company, announced today the latest release of its flagship RokDoc® software platform. The version 6.3 release includes new modules, usability improvements, enhanced features and new science across the platform.

The most critical objective addressed by Ikon Science is improving geoscientists’ and engineers’ ability to efficiently extract actionable value and reliable outcomes from complex subsurface data.

Denis Saussus, CTO of Ikon Science, commented: “We’ve added over 70 person years of enhancements in RokDoc® 6.3 in our continued pursuit of Ikon Science’s vision - a geoprediction platform that drives enhanced subsurface team performance by integrating industry-leading technologies and workflows.”

RokDoc® 6.3 can analyse larger data sets and integrate more complex data types, including multi-component seismic data, image logs, and data from supra-horizontal wells. Customers can also easily customise workflows, and add in their own research via Python plug-ins.

“Our goal is to make RokDoc® a difference-making weapon in our customers’ tough battle to find, develop, and produce hydrocarbon reservoirs more efficiently,” Denis added. 

“The new version of Ji-Fi® released with RokDoc® 6.3 adds significant features, including notable new QC tools, that further enhance our breakthrough reservoir characterization solution,” said Kester Waters, Vice President Global QI. “This further strengthens the remarkable uncertainty quantification tools offered by Ji-Fi, which are already delivering huge value to our customers.”

Press Release - London, UK September 23rd 2015

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