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IHS releases new version of Kingdom geoscience software

 IHS has launched IHS Kingdom 8.8, the latest release of its geoscience software. IHS Kingdom now enables geologists and geophysicists to conduct dynamic depth conversion of time-based data — transforming a common geosciences workflow and increasing the efficiency and accuracy of a process that used to take hours to complete, but is now accomplished in seconds.

“Typically, geoscientists would have to build and update velocity models with new data as it became available and then, over the course of several hours, would convert that time-based data from the geophysicist into depth, which is required by geologists and engineers,” said Hank Chambers, director of IHS Kingdom product management.

“Formerly, this was a time-consuming process prone to errors. As a result, when drilling costs might run $100,000 a day or more, it meant few operators were willing to stop the drilling process for several hours to update the data volumes, even though accuracy was likely to suffer. Now, because the depth conversion functionality is embedded in Kingdom, the operator who is geo-steering the well has real-time information to make more accurate decisions on where to steer the well.”

In addition to its dynamic depth conversion capability, the IHS Kingdom 8.8 release offers additional new features including IHS Kingdom SeismicExplore, which adds a more sophisticated and robust SEG Y viewer and editor, enabling users to quickly analyze SEG Y files.

With this release, IHS says it also provides geologists with significant additions and improvements to Kingdom EarthPAK, including new cross-section and correlation capabilities, enhanced well displays, and more robust interpretation tools.

Offshore Magazine - 1/15/2013

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