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dGB Revolutionize Teaching of Sequence Stratigraphy

dGB Earth Sciences, the leading provider of open source seismic interpretation software to the oil & gas industry, is pleased to announce that in 2012 more than 2,600 students from over 300 Universities worldwide benefitted from dGB’s academic licensing policy.

Under the academic license agreement, Universities get free access to dGB’s OpendTect seismic interpretation software and the commercial plugins developed by dGB and its partners: ARK CLS, Earthworks and Sitfal. Since Universities often struggle to get access to data, dGB also started the Open Seismic Repository (OSR), a database of seismic datasets with interpretations that can be used freely under the Creative Commons License Agreement. As intended, the free software and free datasets are improving teaching and research at Universities.

Tennessee Tech University (TTU) in the United States and its Earth Sciences Department is one of the universities that benefits from this scheme.

Rather than using traditional 2D line exercises, undergraduates taking the ‘Sedimentation and Stratigraphy’ module at TTU are using OpendTect to interpret the seismic data. This is being achieved through OpendTect’s SSIS (Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation System) plugin which increases insight into the depositional history of sedimentary packages and helps find stratigraphic traps; and HorizonCube, a new OpendTect plugin that auto tracks a dense set of mapped 3D stratigraphic surfaces and significantly increases the number and density of mapped horizons.

Once comfortable with navigating the 3D seismic cube, TTU students characterize reflector geometries using the HorizonCube tool and are then able to pick sequence boundaries and flooding surfaces in a North Sea dataset using the OpendTect SSIS plugin. The data set comes from dGB’s OSR.

The results of this new educational approach are to be presented by TTU at the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)’s Annual Conference & Exhibition 2013 in a poster with the title: “A New Era in Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy: Computational Seismic Stratigraphy in the Undergraduate Classroom.”

“The Tennessee Tech example is exactly what we had in mind when we started our academic licensing policy and the OSR.” said dGB Earth Sciences CEO, Kristofer Tingdahl.  “The example demonstrates firstly our focus on innovation and developing ever more sophisticated tools to interpret the subsurface, and secondly our commitment to supporting the next generation of geoscientists and geologists through the opening up of both our tools and seismic data sets.”

“We look forward to continuing to foster knowledge transfer between the commercial and academic sectors and ensuring that the graduates of tomorrow have the right skills and expertise to move the E&P industry forward.”

His words were backed up by Jeannette Wolak, Assistant Professor at Tennessee Tech University:

"The OpendTect platform and OSR are exciting new educational tools, and it's been a pleasure to bring them into an undergraduate classroom at TTU. The skills that students are learning - 2D/3D seismic interpretation and sequence stratigraphic correlation - are ones that they will use as early career geoscientists."

Free under the GNU GPL license but with a wide variety of innovative commercial plugins, OpendTect is the only available open source seismic interpretation platform used in the oil & gas industry today and has been downloaded over 100,000 times. Academic licenses of OpendTect have been adopted in universities in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Asia Pacific, and the Americas.

HorizonCubes can be used in multiple applications such as assisting in well correlations, improving geologic model building and seismic inversions, unravelling depositional histories, and finding stratigraphic traps using sequence stratigraphic interpretation principles.

Tennessee Technological University (TTU) is an accredited public university located in Cookeville, Tennessee, US. The Department of Earth Sciences offers a BS degree in geosciences with the curriculum emphasising both theoretical and applied geology. The AAPG Annual Conference & Exhibition takes place in Pittsburgh from May 19th to 22nd 2013.

About dGB Earth Sciences

dGB Earth Sciences, a privately owned company based in the Netherlands, has been providing seismic interpretation solutions to the oil and gas industry since 1995. Current customers include BG, DetNorske, Ecopetrol, ENI, Marathon, Noble, ONGC, Petrobras, Petrochina, Saudi Aramco, Sinopec, Sipetrol, Statoil, and Wintershall among others.

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