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3D multi-client reimaging broadband program offshore Mexico. (Courtesy Schlumberger)


HOUSTON – Schlumberger WesternGeco and ION Geophysical Corp. have announced a new 3D multi-client reimaging broadband program offshore Mexico, which uses Mexico’s National Hydrocarbons Commission data library.

The Campeche 3D reimaging program comprises three survey areas covering approximately 82,000 sq km (31,660 sq mi) in the Bay of Campeche offshore southern Mexico.

The program will be processed using a combination of custom technologies and techniques from both organizations with the aim of informing for upcoming licensing rounds.

Schlumberger WesternGeco says that the complexity and variability of the geological areas being surveyed require a set of consistent, advanced workflows to maximize bandwidth, while producing data with strong, low-frequency content for subsalt areas and high-resolution data for non-salt areas of the basin.

The use of broadband preprocessing coupled with high-resolution steep dip reverse time migration and Kirchhoff imaging algorithms will produce data for prospect identification and exploration.

The program is fully supported by industry funding. Fasttrack data are available now for Round 1.4 deepwater bid preparation decisions.

Offshore staff - 09/07/2016

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