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Qual data você escolheria​ para ser proclamada​ como o Dia Nacional do Geofísico?
  - Seismics (Assistant Res. , salary R$ 10,350.68 per month),

- Potential Methods (Assistant Res., salary R$ 10,350.68 per month)

- Seismology (Associate Researcher with salary of R$ 11,690.76 per month)

• 3 Technologists:

- Electromagnetic Induction (Full technologist with salary R$ 9,905.28 per month)

- Scientific Instrumentation (Full technologist with salary R$ 9,905.28 per month)

- Petrophysics (Senior Technologist, with salary R$ 12,685.16 per month)

• All values listed are salaries per month in Brazilian currency (Reais) and present exchange rate for the American dollar is around US$1.00 = R$2.00. There is an extra 13rd salary and one extra third of salary during the month of vacations. All the careers have promotion possibilities.

• All exams will be performed in Portuguese or English.

• All positions require Ph.D. qualification in Geophysics /related areas or high experience equivalent (only for technologists).

• Salaries can be increased by involvement with projects from industry.


Observatorio Nacional is an 185 years old premier research institute in Brazil developing both research and teaching at graduate levels in many areas of geophysics. It houses a newly established National Equipment Pool whose vast instrument collection includes 60 broadband seismometers, 340 high-frequency single-component seismometers, 12 broadband magnetotelluric systems, 40 long period magnetotelluric systems, 3 absolute gravity stations, 12 differential GPS systems, 6 Scintrex CG5 gravity systems, and 6 Overhauser magnetometers. The Pool is supported by a well-equipped workshop and advanced parallel computing facilities.


Registrations will close soon: 10th August 2012.


"Please contact us for details on topics to be covered in exams for each position. Let excellent potential candidates to learn about these permanent positions and forward your enquiries to us". (Either  Este endereço de e-mail está protegido contra spambots. Você deve habilitar o JavaScript para visualizá-lo.  or Dr. Andres Papa)

Linked In - July 27, 2012

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