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Qual data você escolheria​ para ser proclamada​ como o Dia Nacional do Geofísico?
  The Petroleum Geo-Services Ramform Valiant has started acquisition of over 26,000 km² of GeoStreamer data in five blocks in the Kwanza/Benguela Basins in the pre-salt areas prospects offshore Angola.

The size of the survey area corresponds to an area slightly larger than Massachusetts or Wales. Following the block awards made on 20 December, BP, Total, and Statoil have been made operators of blocks 24, 25, 38, 39, and 40 with Sonangol as a partner in all of the blocks (see separate news story, p. 15).

All four oil companies have committed to funding the survey. PGS already has 2D GeoStreamer data over this area, acquired in 2010, and good quality conventional 3D datasets over blocks 24 and 25 that PGS will re-process. Together these datasets will enable PGS to construct the best possible velocity model for processing of the new 3D GeoStreamer data.

This month the PGS Apollo will join the Ramform Valiant and acquisition will continue with both vessels until Q4 2012. PGS teams will start processing data in March, utilizing the latest depth imaging technology and building on their experience of illuminating pre-salt targets in Angola. Together, the two vessels will operate 20 vessel months on this project.

The salts basins of Angola have a clear geological link to similar basins offshore Brazil. Recent advances in tectonic reconstruction point to parallels with the prolific pre-salt Santos and Campos areas, and PGS will use its extensive MC library on both sides of the Atlantic to take a closer look at these links.

First Break - February 2012 - Issue 2 - Volume 30