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International Symposium on Gravity, Geoid and Height Systems

International Symposium on Gravity, Geoid and Height Systems

A profa. Dra. Carla Braitenberg (Universidade de Trieste- Itália) anuncia sessão no evento organizado pela International Association of Gravity, a realizar-se em Veneza, Italia, de 9 a 12 de outubro de 2012.

Dear Colleagues and friends,

This year the International Symposium on Gravity, Geoid and Height Systems GGHS 2012 will be held in Venice, Italy, October 9-12, 2012.

I invite you to participate in this meeting, and specially to submit an abstract to the session I convene together with Isabella Velicogna and Jörg Ebbing.

You will find details of the meeting on the homepage.

The abstracts should be submitted until 15 June, 2012.

The venue of the meeting is one of the most beautiful places one can think of.

On behalf of the co-convenors,

Best regards,

Carla Braitenberg.


Here is the abstract of our session:

Session 7: Modeling and Inversion of Gravity-Solid Earth Coupling

Conveners: Carla Braitenberg, Isabella Velicogna, Joerg Ebbing

The present session takes up the topic of gravity-solid earth coupling, intended as a discussion of the gravitative forces that affect the evolution of the lithosphere, as crustal thickness formation, isostatic responses to mass changes, density changes due to thermal cooling and heating, lithospheric slab pull. The modeling of these effects require the knowledge of the crustal and mantle density and its changes in time due to thermal and magmatic events, and is juxtaposed to the dynamic forces that are predicted by mantle dynamic models. The conveners invite contributions to the above topics, as well as papers discussing methodological aspects of forward and inversion algorithms of the gravity and gravity gradient field. Further we invite contributions that discuss how to exploit the new GOCE observations for the purpose of solid Earth investigations and the modeling of density variations of the lithosphere.


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